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Bull Frog Gun Sleeves Now Available with the Recharge System
Bull Frog gun sleeves have always protected your firearms with Cortec's self-healing residue-free Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI). Now that same gun sleeve can be recharged with fresh VpCI's after one year. Simply snap a new Bull Frog Emitter Cup into place and your valuable firearms with be protected from corrosion for an additional year!
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Announcing Bull Frog Emitter Cups Designed Especially for Your Tool and Tackle Boxes
Simply stick a Bull Frog Emitter Cup to the inside of your tool or tackle box and close the lid. VpCI's will then seek out metal parts and protect them from the corrosion that ages your equipment before it's time.
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Make a Rusty Surface Ready to Paint in One Easy Step with Bull Frog Rustorer
Rustorer can penetrate through rust to a metal's surface preventing further rusting and will keep paint from flaking or chipping. Rustorer is water-based and non-toxic which means it won't harm you or the enivronment.
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Clean and Protect Your Firearms at the Same Time
Bull Frog Gun Wipes remove dirt, grime, powder residue and flash rust while applying VpCI corrosion protection. These easy-to-use wipes use the same Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology used in military and industrial applications around the world.
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