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May 22, 1995


New Full Cover Bag Protects Bikes
Against Moisture, Dirt, and Rust.

CORTEC® Corporation has developed a revolutionary new bag to protect motorcycles during storage for the winter. The full cover bag uses high density barrier film with a complete seal to keep out dirt; desiccant properties to absorb moisture; and Cortec’s patented VCIs to stop rust.

Cortec’s unique VCI technology has proven effective in stopping corrosion from the Siberian oil pipeline to jet aircraft electronics and mothballing off-shore oil rigs. Cortec has combined its VCIs with other properties like desiccants and polyethylene (PE) barrier, films to provide new products like the Full Cover Bike Bag.

The full cover bag comes in two halves with an attached self-adhesive tape to fully seal a motorcycle into a protective environment. The motorcycle is pushed onto the bottom half of the bag and covered with the top half of the bag. The two halves of the bag are then sealed together with the affixed self-adhesive tape strip. The full cover bag has been specially designed to handle the moisture condensation from seasonal freeze thaw cycles. It also prevents the film build-up of "garage grunge" and the corrosive attack on metal components that rusts chain and causes pits in polished chrome.

Before storing for the winter, the motorcycle should be clean and dry. When the motor cycle is taken out of the bag, it is ready to ride. No cleaning or rust preventive removal is necessary. Bags are designed to protect a motorcycle for one storage season, with a brief, one-time opening of the bag for inspection. The bags protection capabilities are fully depleted after two years. At that time the motorcycle should be stored in a new bag. The suggested retail price for Cortec’s Full Cover Bike Bag is $85.00, plus shipping and handling. The Cortec Bag is also available in small, zip-lock type bags to store spare parts.

For Further Information Contact:

Mr. Boris Miksic, President of CORTEC® Corporation at (800) 426-7832 or (612) 429-1100. CORTEC® is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. They manufacture a variety of corrosion inhibiting and rust preventive systems based on Vapor Corrosion Inhibition Technology that the company has been instrumental in pioneering.

BACKGROUND – CORTEC® Full Cover Bike Bag:

A typical bike cover serves to trap moisture and "air-borne sludge," that surrounds the motorcycle in a microscopic sauna. It readily attacks the entire bike, even parts that have been treated with a rust preventive. The sauna effect is severely escalated by moisture condensation of freeze-thaw cycles of seasonal changes from Fall to Winter, and Winter to Spring. The results are well known to every biker. A sleazy film of garage grunge, pitted chrome tanks, and rusty chains.

Cortec’s Full Cover Bike Bag combines four essential capabilities to protect motorcycles during seasonal storage. All four capabilities have been integrated into a single product to provide satisfactory performance. 1. fully sealed bag, 2. high density barrier polyethylene, 3. desiccant, 4. Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) to stop rust. These four elements provide a complete system to control the attack of moisture airborne sludge that settles on motorcycles and accumulates as a grimey and corrosive film.

First. The bag is made in two halves that use an affixed self-adhesive tape to provide a completely sealed environment rather than just a cover.

Second. The bag is made from high density barrier film to minimize air penetration into the sealed environment so that the desiccant and VCI capabilities are not consumed by fresh air within a few weeks.

Third. The bag’s barrier film provides desiccant action. It handles the moisture condensation which occurs during temperature changes and from seasonal freeze thaw cycles.

Fourth. The bag’s barrier film provides Cortec’s VCI action to stop corrosion.

Corrosive agents travel through the air, combining with humidity to condense on metal. This combination sets up microscopic corrosive cells on metal. Over time, these microscopic cells keep reforming and become so potent that they can rust stainless steel, pit chrome-plated steel, and oxidize aluminum with white rust.

Cortec VCIs vaporize and also travel through the air. This lets Cortec VCIs migrate wherever corrosive agents can penetrate. The VCIs are quickly attracted to any active metal surface. They form a very thin (monomolecular), protective film on the metal surface that deactivates the electrochemical process which leads to corrosion. The VCI protection replenishes itself through further vapor action as fresh air slowly infiltrates the bag. In a well sealed environment, the VCI protection can last for up to two years.

BACKGROUND – CORTEC® Full Cover Bike Bag:

Results from a 5 1/2 month Test.

Five mesh crates were put on the rooftop of a building. The contents of each create was the same, a variety of different components including a new rear view chromed mirror, a length of de-lubricated chain, and a band of aluminum, zinc, brass, and a band of freshly sand-blasted steel which is extremely susceptible to rust. In addition, one crate was wrapped in common polyethylene film (PE,) the second crate had the parts sprayed with a universal rust preventive oil and then wrapped in PE, the third crate was placed in a CORTEC bag, the fourth crate had parts sprayed with universal rust preventive oil two times and then wrapped in common PE, the fifth crate was left uncovered, and untreated.

After 5-1/2 months, the contents of the crates were examined. In the uncovered fifth crate, the chain and steel was totally rusted, the aluminum was blotchy, and the brass band full of verdigris. In the second crate that was protected only with PE plastic, the chain and steel had many rust spots, the steel band had rust dots all over, and the aluminum band was slightly tarnished.

For the parts that had been treated with universal rust preventive oil and then wrapped in PE in the third and fourth crates, the chain and steel band had developed rust spots. The parts in the third crate protected by the Cortec bag looked just like new. Additionally, the chrome of the mirror and the zinc band did not show any deterioration.

Environmentally Friendly:

In the past, many universal rust preventives oils were based on environmentally detrimental ingredients. With today’s chemical technology, Cortec’s new VCI corrosion inhibitors are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and even the barrier film though not biodegradable is recyclable. The Cortec Full Cover Bike Bag protects motorcycle parts made from carbon steels, chrome-plated steel, aluminum, brass and even stainless steel.


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