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December 14, 2001


Garage Grunge Croaks With Bull Frog® Car Cover

How often do you peel back the tarp or blanket covering off your well-cared-for "special" car, only to find a thin film of dust and garage grunge, or even worse yet – rust? The new Bull Frog® Car Cover stops garage grunge and film build-up in its tracks. Fabricated with the newest materials in hi-tech barriers, breathable cloth and corrosion protection, the well-manicured car has just found the complete night blanket to hang on to.

The Bull Frog® Car Cover is like a king-size, high technology comforter. Park your car outside or in the garage and your car is easily covered in a couple of minutes because there is no hard shell or stiff frame-work to slow you down. Just drive the car onto the bottom of cover, drape the top of the hood over the car, and then zip it closed.

Whether your car is a classic, restored or exotic model, this hi-tech, full cover night blanket quickly protects it from moisture, dust, floating construction or environmental debris, and night-filming garage grunge. The Bull Frog® Car Cover eliminates the common problem of having condensation form. With Bull Frog® when you uncover the car a week, month or year later, no clean-up is needed to wipe away soil or to remove tarnish or rust from chrome or other metal components. (And if you have used other Bull Frog® Engine Coolant, Fuel and Oil System Products, your car is ready to drive without needing anything more.)

The Bull Frog® Car Covers are made from woven polyethylene and a high-density extrusion laminated coating. This multiple-layered protective fabric features a non-woven, softened inside layer. It was designed to be a high strength, tear resistant fabric that seals out dust, dirt, snow, moisture and even dripping water. The outside reflective silver surface has double UV protection (up to 5 years in sunny and hot climates) making it ideal for outdoor storage system. It’s fully reusable, 100% recyclable and non-toxic so the car cover is nice on mother nature and your pocket book.

But, what’s most important is what happens on the inside. Unlike the standard car covers or any other tarp or blanket, the Bull Frog® Car Cover is impregnated with the patented Cortec® VpCI (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology. The VpCIs form a "Molecular Umbrella" of electrochemical inhibitors that migrate on to all the metal surfaces of the car including, crevices, cracks, and even in recessed areas. This unique process forms a micro-thin protective layer against rust and oxidation. Cortec® VpCIs provide clean protection. After storage, VpCIs don’t need to be removed with cleaning or degreasing chemicals. Your vintage vehicle is ready to go right out of the Cover.

Cortec’s unique VpCITM capability was developed and proven effective in a wide variety of items from military jets to electronics on naval vessels to the Alaskan and Siberian Pipelines.

Company Description:

BULLFROG Brand is manufactured by Cortec® Corporation located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Cortec manufactures a variety of corrosion inhibiting and rust-preventive systems based on Vapor Corrosion Inhibition Technology. Bull Frog® products represent a breakthrough for consumer technology that have been perfected and proven in industrial and military applications around the world.


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